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Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery and Cellar Door

Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery at Rutherglen Estates

In something of a cultural coup for the region, Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery at Rutherglen Estates, represents a powerful creative collaboration between Rutherglen Estates winery and Australian Aboriginal art collector, Hans Sip. The natural harmony of wine, art and cultural heritage underpins this landmark winery tourism and Aboriginal art project.

Operating as a commercial art gallery housed within the Rutherglen cellar door complex, visitors to Rutherglen can enjoy free entry to curated exhibitions that are presented quarterly.

As part of the joint venture agreement, Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery at Rutherglen Estates has unlimited access to the complete Hans Sip collection; one that consists of more than 700 paintings, prints, artefacts and sculptures.

Works in the collection include paintings from significantly collected and highly recognised artists including: Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown, Frederick William ‘Billy’ Doolan Jnr, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Craig Charles and Djambu ‘Sambo’ Barra Barra to name a few.

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