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We have budburst!



After sitting down with Rutherglen Estates Viticulturist, Matthew Partridge during the week, I was delighted to hear we have had budburst on a large number of our varietals including Tempranillo, Shiraz, Durif, Viognier and many more!

Budburst is the time that the vines come out of dormancy, or their winter sleep, and start to produce canes and leaves from the bud left from the pruning process. It’s an exciting time in the vineyard as it reflects the warming of the seasons and points us towards that most important time in any vineyard and winery, vintage.

So far our winemakers are extremely happy with the development of the vines, having so far no vines affected by winter frosts. Although we do have to touch wood in this regard, as any winemaker in the region will tell you, make it to Melbourne Cup before you label vines as frost-free!

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