Our History

In the mid 1800’s the Rutherglen region was one of the largest wine-grape growing areas in the southern hemisphere, exporting predominantly fortified wines to England and Europe. Towards the end of the century however, the discovery of phylloxera and local gold-mining industry saw the majority of grapevines pulled out, with only a few small family wine producers remaining to continue the fortified traditions. In the 1990’s, when demand for Australian table wine was increasing both in Australia and overseas, an extensive search by a group of passionate wine professionals, for an area for producing innovative wine varietals, led back to Rutherglen, and in 1996, Rutherglen Estates was born.

The small family producers who continued fortified wine production in the area for 100 years prior, had established an international reputation for the region. The suitability of the region for such styles, suggested it would also be suitable for producing dry table wines from the later ripening varieties from the warmer Mediterranean regions. Varieties such as Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne, Grenache, Mourvedre and Shiraz which originated in France were deemed ideal, as was Sangiovese from Italy, as well as the proven local icons, Durif, Muscat and Tokay.

Teaming with a leading vineyard development group, RE Vineyards Management, the first vines were planted in 1997. With cutting-edge technology, we now have 185 hectares ‘under vine’ on four sites, the largest vineyard development in the region. Poignantly, our Burgoyne’s Vineyard and our winery, are located on one of the original ‘Rutherglen Estate’ vineyard sites, operated by Mr Burgoyne in the mid 1800’s, and we use the name in respect.

Our state of the art winery was completed in 2001, and from the first vintage Rutherglen Estates has established itself in the domestic market as a serious producer of alternative varietals. Bestowed with various accolades for both traditional regional varietals and more innovative wines, the brand Rutherglen Estates has established itself as a strong, exciting and reliable competitor in the domestic market.

In 2018 Rutherglen Estates and Tuileries came under joint ownership which has led to a much stronger destination offering for both existing businesses.

Rutherglen Estates and Tuileries is now a true icon of the Rutherglen region and the prefect destination to spend a few hours or a few days.

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