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Rutherglen is classified as a ‘warm’ winegrowing region, with similar indices as the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Our proximity to the nearby Victorian Alps and our continental climate ensures we experience warm days and cool nights (good diurnal temperature fluctuation), which is ideal for premium wine production.

Rutherglen has one of the longest fruit ripening season of any viticultural region in Australia, extending from January for early white varieties through to late April for fortifieds. It is the length of the warm, dry season that makes the region ideal not only for fortified wines, but also the later ripening table wine varieties we have selected.

We have four vineyards with a total of 185 hectares ‘under vine’. Each vineyard enjoys a relatively isolated and pristine natural environment, and the luxury of good water availability.

Our viticultural strategy is focused on skilled vineyard management. The varieties grown on each site have been carefully selected as those most suited to the warm, dry regional conditions, and importantly to each particular vineyard site. We pride ourselves on incorporating integrated pest management, crop regulation, hand pruning and moisture control to maintain vine health, vine balance to manage yields, and to produce premium quality fruit.

Our most recent vineyard acquisition is a relatively small vineyard (1.6 hectares) at Tuileries in the centre of Rutherglen. Here we resurrected some of the original vines that were planted in the 1960’s (3 Portugese red varieties) and planted some new Tempranillo and Durif vines. This vineyard forms the stunning backdrop for our Tuileries accommodation and wedding garden.

We are continually experimenting with new varieties, new vineyard management techniques and the latest ‘clones’ of existing varieties to ensure our wines are the best and our range one of the most diverse and innovative we can offer.

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