Moscato Piccolos

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Our Moscato should be enjoyed chilled. Light in alcohol, this versatile wine is a delight by itself or can be enjoyed as an aperitif with a fresh fruit or cheese platter.

Drinking beautifully now and over the next 12 months.

Moscato [mos-cato]


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Vintage Conditions

Rutherglen Estates 2017 vintage finished 4-6 weeks later than the 2016 vintage due to it being a “favourable” growing season. 2016’s wet winter delayed budburst, and when spring arrived the rains continued well into October. The result of the rains and mild temperatures meant there was decreased frost pressure and therefore higher disease pressure within the vineyards, which was managed perfectly by our Head Viticulturalist, Matthew Partridge and his vineyard team who delivered healthy, very high quality fruit.
The vine development through flowering, fruit set and veraison was long and slow. With February the rain stopped and finally the summer sun kicked in, which allowed consistent ripening. Gradually the sugar, colour and acidity developed in perfect harmony.
The 2017 vintage in Rutherglen will produce excellent results for both white and red wines. Bright vibrant fruit characters in the whites, very structured red wines with dark fruit characters, interesting tannin profiles and good length are some of the general features of this year’s vintage.

Tasting Notes

Muscat has one of the longest recorded histories in the wine world and has a family of almost two hundred different grape varieties varying in colour from white (Muscat Blanc) to almost black (Muscat of Hamburg) and almost everything in between.
The Muscat used for the 2016 Rutherglen Estates Moscato is a traditional Petit Grains Rouge variety which is the same Muscat often used for the world famous fortified Rutherglen Muscats.
The 2017 version is highly aromatic, fresh and lively berry fruit supporting the bright sorbet characters. The fresh, light sparkle adds lift and a fresh mouth-feel.
The aromatics are balanced with the soft mouth feel, the sweetness smooths out any astringency with the fresh spritz and acidity making your glass a ball of fun and flavour. The sorbet lingers in the mouth to leave your palate fresh and alive.


The Moscato grapes were harvested early to retain balance of sugar and acidity, this in turn retains a great fruit profile and fresh acidity.
The grapes are chilled to very low temperatures to retain freshness and are lightly pressed to not over-extract any undesired flavours and to retain every last bit of the varietal characters.
After racking off only the cleanest, crispest juice, the fermentation then proceeds in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks at low temperatures.
The alcoholic fermentation is stopped when the perfect alcohol-sweetness balance is achieved. When this is achieved the Moscato is filtered and bottled to retain all it’s freshness and fun!

Wine Detail & Analysis

Varieties: Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge
Region: Rutherglen, North East Victoria
Harvest date: February 2017
Release date: November 2017
Alcohol: 7.2%
Oak treatment: Zero
Total acid: 5.36g/l
pH: 3.26
Residual sugar: 100g/l

Additional Information

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