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A New Look for Rutherglen Estates



For some time we have been aware that our current brand look and feel does not reflect our overall spirit here at Rutherglen Estates. We pride ourselves on our innovative, creative nature and feel our current look, being extremely reserved and traditional, does not communicate this. So we decided to do something about it and give our brand a makeover.

The 2017 BDV Muscat is the first of our new labels to be released onto shelves (currently in Cellar Door). The new White (Sauvignon Blanc) label will be distributed into some 2017 Cellar Club Spring packs as a pre-release, giving customers a sneak peak of our new look and of what’s to come.

In conjunction with these new labels, we have a new logo! This logo has two parts that will be mainly used together, but the symbolic “RE” section can be used alone. We believe this new logo is simple, clear, and effectively communicates that we are Rutherglen Estates and not just “Rutherglen”- a problem we found with the former logo.

So keep your eyes peeled for some brand-spanking new labeling on upcoming Rutherglen Estates varietals!

If you have any feedback you would like to share with us about our new look, please contact Jack Davis or Melinda Fitzgerald from the Sales and Marketing department on (02) 6032 7999.

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