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Discovering BdV Muscat … an unknown gem



Located in the southern half of the Rhône Valley, Beaumes-de-Venise is famed for its natural fortified wine made from the Muscat grape: Muscat de Beaumes de Venise. The first vines were planted around 600 BC by Greek colonists.

The word “beaumes” comes from the Provençal word bauma meaning “cave” or “grotto”. Beaumes-de-Venise is built against a line of cliffs along the south-western edge of the Ventoux mountains.

Having its own appellation (AOC) since 1943, Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise is considered one of the best Muscats of the world. In 2005 wine became a cru – the highest order of wines in the Rhône Valley.

Rutherglen Estate’s BdV is made in the same style. Highest quality Muscat grapes, Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge are used to make this elegant, delicate, sweet and fruity wine. It is best served slightly chilled, around 10C.

The secret to this wine is that it has less residual sugar than most other Muscats we are familiar with, making it lighter on the palate and very amenable to food pairings.

Some of our serving suggestions include;


A chilled glass of BdV as an aperitif, with melon or  liver paté.


Fruit-based desserts, such as lemon tart, new season’s strawberries and cream, fruit-flavoured icecream, pavlova. Try summer pudding with cream: the wine sweetens the berries, the acid in the berries brings out the fruit in the wine, and the cream builds a bridge across both characteristics.

Macerate the berries in the wine to put into a trifle, or on to ice cream.

The floral aspect of this wine compliments caramel flavours beautifully: caramelize peach (or other stone fruit such as nectarines) or figs under the grill and serve with good vanilla ice cream. Add fine almond bread to finish.

Final course

It is sensational when served with a cheese platter. It goes extremely well with a creamy camembert or brie, fig jam and pear and even as well as the richness of blue cheese.

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