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NV Classic Muscat (375ml)

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Muscat is ideal as an aperitif - especially served with chocolates. For a decadent dessert treat, place a bottle in the freezer, let it become syrupy and drizzle over ice-cream as a delicious topping, sprinkle with chopped praline.

Up to 5 years

Muscat [muhs-kat]


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Muscat is a sumptuous, rich, fortified wine that has been produced in Australia, particularly in the Rutherglen region, since the 1850s. Rutherglen Muscat styles are made from the variety Muscat a Petit Grains (Brown), which means ‘Muscat with small berries’. The term ‘fortified’ is derived from the Latin ‘fortis’ meaning strong. Fortified wines are so called because the addition of spirit strengthens the wine and raises the alcohol level, the spirit can also contribute distinctive characters to the finished wine.

Winemakers in Rutherglen have been making this luscious fortified dessert style of wine for almost 150 years. The style and the region have become reknowned as a world class and iconic wine style. Muscats of Rutherglen are non-vintage wines, as they are blends of wines from different vintages. Most often blended via the traditional ‘solera’ system, some Muscats of Rutherglen may actually contain wine of almost 100 years of age.

'Muscats of Rutherglen’ have their own recognised classification system, where producers taste and ‘classify’ each others wines based on age, intensity of varietal character, concentration and particular characters. There are four tiers in the classification system starting with Rutherglen, then Classic, Grand and Rare Muscats.

Tasting Notes

The Rutherglen Estates Classic NV Muscat is 8 to 10 years old. It’s characteristics include raisins, toffee, caramel, butterscotch, dried fruit and nuts. The wine’s flavours together with its luscious sweet palate, make the Rutherglen Estates Classic NV Muscat an indulgent delight.


Rutherglen is the ideal region for making this style of wine because of its long, dry ripening season, allowing the grapes to soundly develop incredibly high sugar levels and degrees of raisining. The grapes are harvested, crushed, then allowed to soak on skins so that all the sugar and rich flavours are extracted from the skins and into the juice. A small degree of fermentation may or may not be encouraged while the juice is ‘on skins’, depending on the level of sugar, but after the fruit is pressed, the juice is ‘fortified’ with neutral grape spirit, and the finished wine is then aged in old oak barrels. The wine in the bottle is then blended from barrels of different age.

Wine Detail & Analysis

Variety Muscat a Petit Grains (Brown)
Region Rutherglen, North East Victoria
Alcohol 17%
Oak treatment nil
Total acid 4.2g/L
pH 3.95
Residual sugar 255g/L


SILVER - Rutherglen Wine Show 2012
BRONZE - Victorian Wine Show 2012
BRONZE - Rutherglen Wine Show 2014

93 Points- James Halliday (Wine Companion, 2018)

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