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Pinot Grigio

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Pinot Grigio is a food wine and is perfect with Italian, oil based pasta and antipasto dishes. The acid and texture in the wine also complements Mediterranean style dishes. We recommend our Pinot Grigio with a simple chicken pasta.

Up to 2 years, but enjoyable for drinking now.

Pino Grigio [pee-noe gree-joe]


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Vintage Conditions

Vintage 2017 has been an ideal vintage. Rutherglen has experienced a long, mild and dry summer, and an early autumn. This is often referred to as an Indian summer. The vines have loved this and have been able to ripen the fruit in a slow and orderly fashion.

This slow ripening is extremely desirable as the fruit is able to ripen in a consistent fashion, which results in each variety being due for picking in an orderly fashion, instead of multiple varieties all being due for harvesting at the same time. In the winery this allows us to give maximum amounts of love and attention to each variety as it passes through, whilst also giving us time to experiment with any smaller batches to increase the overall quality of the wines.

By doing all of this we have seen the fruit and resultant wines showing and retaining their natural acidity whilst also having large amounts of fruit flavour and character. Vintage 2017 will be one of those years that we will talk about as being a “normal” vintage, and we will be enjoying these wines well into the future.

Tasting Notes

Pinot Grigio is a bronze, grey grape (hence the name, literally Grey Pinot), which originated in the Veneto region in the north east of Italy. It is also grown in the Alsace region in France where it is called Pinot Gris. It is the same variety, but the wines are made into different styles. Pinot Grigio’s are picked at a lower sugar ripeness level, or baume, and are typically more textured, minerally and food friendly. We have chosen to follow this style.

Made in the traditional dry unoaked varietal style, this fruity Pinot Grigio has delicate pear and almond aromas and the identifiably soft textured palate.


It is exciting to see the delicate nature and flavour profile Pinot Grigio offers in Rutherglen. We ferment our Pinot Grigio juice in stainless steel tanks under conditions that retain maximum fruit flavour. After fermentation, we stir the yeast lees in the tank every two weeks to help build creaminess and texture to the mid palate. The wine was left on yeast lees for five months, before bottling.

Wine Detail & Analysis

Variety Pinot Grigio
Region Rutherglen, North East Victoria
Harvest date January 2016
Release date August 2016
Alcohol 12.5%
Oak treatment Nil
Total acid 8.5 g/L
pH 3.33
Residual sugar Dry


  • Silver Medal at Cowra Wine Show 2017

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